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我叫史蒂文·J. Moulton, and I’m the coordinator of the Criminal Justice program at Western Piedmont Community College in Morganton, NC. 自2005年以来,我一直是这里的全职教员, and I also instruct sociology classes part time during the summer. I have taught criminal justice and sociology at multiple community colleges and universities here in our area and across the state.

我获得了教育专家学位.S.) in 2014 in Higher Education, (Adult and Developmental Education) from Appalachian State University. I received my Masters of Arts in Social Science Education from Appalachian State in 2003 and my Bachelor of Arts undergraduate degree from Oswego State University (SUNY Oswego) in 1994. (I also spent two years as a transfer student at Mohawk Valley Community College in Utica, NY, 在转学攻读学士学位之前).

I was a campus police officer (Bike-Patrol) at Queens University in Charlotte, NC. I then transferred to the City of Hickory Police Department for three years and after a one-year stay in Concord, NC. I am a sworn, certified police officer in North Carolina and have worked either full- or part-time for the Lenoir Police Department in Lenoir, NC, since 2003.

当我不工作的时候, 我在陪我妻子, Amber, 还有我们的三个孩子, Kennedy, Kate, and Jack. 我喜欢看和做运动, working out, and traveling back home to New York State for visits with family and friends.

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我是莎拉·欧文斯·威克斯, instructor in the Criminal Justice program at Western Piedmont Community College. My goal is to watch you grow in your knowledge and applied thinking.  My courses will challenge you to apply criminal justice foundation in a modern society.

I relate to my students, as I have been on the same path they are traveling. I first took criminal justice courses as a high school student, 然后在全职工作的同时完成了我的助理学位. The ability to work and pay my way through college afforded me the opportunity to simultaneously gain my education as well as practical work experience.

A little about me … I served as a magistrate from 2005 to 2020 and as an adjunct BLET and Criminal Justice instructor for Isothermal Community College from 2009 to 2020 before taking my position here at WPCC.

I hold a Master of Public Administration (Criminal Justice Concentration) from the University of North Carolina – Pembroke; a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Lees-McRae College, and an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Isothermal Community College.

Some of my interests outside of the classroom include travel, yoga, 做垃圾食品的试吃员, 还宠坏了我的德国牧羊犬.

I look forward to talking with you more about our program here at WPCC!

Criminal Justice



The 刑事司法科技 program at WPCC offers you the opportunity to explore careers in police work, the court system, 监狱系统, and investigations and their application in today’s society. Your studies will also include a review of  law enforcement at the local, state, and federal levels; exploring judicial processes; and discussions of the corrections process and security services. An overview of the role of the criminal justice system in our society is also included.

Some focus areas available to criminal justice students at WPCC include law, 刑事司法系统, ethics, 社区关系, 计算机与技术, 调查原则.

Criminal Justice at WPCC is your opportunity to be of service to others in a variety of career settings.

We offer 2 programs of study in our Criminal Justice program.




Graduation Rates


There are several good reasons to seek a career in criminal justice:


  1. 有各种各样的职业选择.

    Criminal justice graduates can find positions not just in law enforcement. 工业中也有职位, education, social services, 零售只是举几个例子.

  2. 你可以帮助别人.
    Criminal justice graduates have many opportunities to give back to the community through their work. 提供保护, helping victims, and working for justice are a few ways to serve others through a criminal justice career.
  3. 它提供稳定的工作和福利.
    Since many jobs exist in the public sector and crime is a constant in our society, the employment market for criminal justice graduates is fairly stable, and often these jobs come with generous insurance and benefits packages.
  4. 刑事司法是一个令人兴奋、充满挑战的职业.
    Criminal justice graduates often have positions where they have to solve problems and think fast on their feet with a different challenge always around the corner. 这里的职业很少枯燥!

Job Outlook

O-Net OnLine U.S. 劳工部网站上的名单 40个刑事司法相关职位 有一定的薪资范围. Graduates of the criminal justice program at WPCC may find positions such as police officer, deputy sheriff, state trooper, 拘留官, 缓刑/假释监督员, 狱警, 和防损专家. For more information on job opportunities in the region surrounding WPCC, please consult with our 刑事司法学院.



The A.A.S. 学位是两年制, 64 credit-hour program of study that prepares graduates for entry-level positions in criminal justice career fields.


The WPCC criminal justice certificate is an 18-hour concentration of courses designed to provide intensive training in a year, 补充额外的教育.


让我们开始吧! Our counselors are happy to provide the information and guidance you need to submit your application, 申请经济援助和奖学金, 参观我们的校园.

Financial Aid

We recognize that paying for college is an important consideration while making your education journey . Our financial aid staff is here to provide you with financial aid options and assistance to help you achieve your educational goals.


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